About us

The MedStar Advantage

MedStar Holdings Inc. develops and maintains the source code for the MedStar suite of products.

We have been in the Medical billing business for over 20 years, searching for the perfect software to meet our client’s needs. We found that one system would have a great scheduler, but would have poor reporting capabilities; another system would have a good collections module, but limited contract and rule-based ties to procedures, and so on…. We could not find one system that had it ALL. So we thought “who would be better architects of a medical practice management software than a billing company with years of experience with different types of physicians and insurance companies.” In 1999 we created the ultimate in windows based practice management software with unparalleled product quality and reliability – MedStar “Smartware for the 21st Century”.

MedStar is the most feature-rich application for today and tomorrow’s practice management needs. MedStar’s multi-tier architecture integrates the various functions of a healthcare provider’s medical office, including patient scheduling, billing, claims processing, and accounts receivable management and collection.

MedStar offers several key advantages over other software applications currently available in the billing and electronic claims processing industry. Unlike competing products, MedStar offers users, Report Star (Custom Report Writer) , a dynamic, customizable platform for clinical reporting, enabling users to track the status of any claim with private or public payors and to perform data queries of patient information by any information field (e.g., queries by diagnosis, revenue per visit, patient zip code, etc.) in real time. MedStar has an exclusive Reimbursement Manager that categorizes unpaid claims for efficient paperless processing and accounts receivable management. You can actually see where your money is and track your collections’ personnel. In addition, MedStar allows you to enter rules for each contract and insurance carrier in its Contract module. This module applies the rules during appointment scheduling to direct the user on information needed from the patient; and during charge entry, to guide the user on billing restrictions. At the contract level you can also enter the true value of each procedure so your reports represent “REAL” money. More of MedStar’s features can be seen on our home page under Product Features.

Our expertise in the medical industry coupled with MedStar’s superior architecture gives us The MedStar Advantage!