Compubill Billing Services

We estimate 25 percent or more of medical practice revenue can be lost through coding errors, inadequate documentation, lack of follow-up and failure to bill for services performed. Compubill Billing Services offers you a cost-effective solution to reduce claim rejection rate, increase your cash flow, and allow you to dedicate more time to patient care!

Since its inception, Compubill Billing Services has been dedicated to providing the medical practice with much needed billing expertise for the healthcare industry. MedStar Billing Services provides its clients with knowledge in all areas relating to medical receivables management, including billing, consulting, analysis and audit checks, and specialized reports. Our services can include charge and payment posting, account reconciliation, accounts receivable collections, third party billing, electronic transmission and all billing inquiries.

Under Compubill Billing Services, you have use of our state-of-the-art HIPAA compliant, practice management software, MedStar. By utilizing remote access to MedStar you are provided with scheduling, superbill printing, and full reporting capabilities. This benefit distinguishes us from other billing companies who just perform billing functions.

Our staff has over 25 years of experience in the medical insurance arena. We are dedicated to eliminating the time restraints caused by in-house billing, automating your office with high-end technology, and increasing your bottom line.

Let us partner up with you to improve your practice!

For more information, please call MedStar Holdings, Inc. at 786.888.1050.

MedStar is the ultimate Medical Billing service, with unparalleled ROI, quality and reliability

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