It’s all about the customer.

Customer satisfaction is MedStar’s top priority. MedStar realizes that one of the most important features of a software system is the support service backing it up. MedStar offers exceptional support through phone support, an on-line help file, updates, and enhancements. To show you how good our support is… Medstar received the highest score for customer satisfaction by the AAFP/Microsoft Technology Guide: Practice Management Software.

Our support team is made up of highly skilled individuals in both technology and medical billing. We feel this combination enables our support representatives to help customers in ALL areas. Customers are not charged per call and have unlimited access to help under MedStar’s support plan. Our phone support is available during regular business hours from 8:30am to 5:00pm est. After business hours support is available via email at

Using MedStar’s On-Line™ Help File can also satisfy answers to immediate questions. We have simplified this help file to make it user-friendly. You can find answers using three different search engines: Contents, Index, and Search.

We strive to have the latest technology and superior functionality in MedStar. We pass these enhancements on to our customers through semi-annual software upgrades. We give additional updates to comply with changes due to HIPAA and other insurance requirements. All of these upgrades are part of our support package and do not cost the customer additional money.

MedStar Holdings, Inc. is committed to providing reliable and superior support for our customers.