MedStar Enterprise™

Using technology to manage the complex business needs of today’s medical practice.

MedStar Enterprise™ is an integrated solution that combines state-of-the-art practice management software with electronic medical records. This partnership of technology allows the medical practice operational personnel to perform all the back office job functions including: billing, collections and scheduling. Concurrently, the clinical personnel utilizes the electronic medical record to create the patient chart, distribute documents via fax to Referring physician’s, fax prescriptions to pharmacies, and import faxes from insurance companies or other physician offices. Together, MedStar Enterprise™ and MD Tablet, create a total solution for your practice.

MedStar Enterprise™ features include:

  • Scheduler
  • Virtual Superbill
  • Reimbursement Manager
  • Contract Rules and Fee Schedules
  • HIPAA Compliant EDI Formats
  • Electronic Remittance
  • Catalog of Standard Reports
  • Report Star (Custom Report Writer)
  • Security

Additional Options:

  • HL7
  • Label Maker
  • Image Scanner