MedStar MSO™

MedStar’s Premium System Provides Comprehensive Office Management Tools

Medstar MSO™ provides the tools needed by a Management Services Organization to effectively analyze, plan, and report individually or across several separate practices within the same enterprise. In addition, MedStar’s flexibility and scalability allows the MSO to grow and add additional physicians and practices as needed. MedStar’s multi-tier architecture integrates the various functions of the healthcare provider’s medical office, including; patient scheduling, billing, claims processing, and accounts receivable management and collection.

MedStar MSO™ features include:

  • Scheduler
  • Superbill Generator
  • Reimbursement Manager
  • Contract Rules and Fee Schedules
  • HIPAA Compliant EDI Formats
  • Electronic Remittance
  • Catalog of Standard Reports
  • Multi-practice Reporting Capabilities
  • Security

Additional Options:

  • Report Star (Custom Report Writer)
  • HL7
  • Label Maker
  • Image Scanner
  • Transcription Module