System requirements

MedStar is a windows program with MsSql Database.
It can be used either in our hardware via Terminal Services or locally on your network / hardware.
The requirements to run locally are as follows



Processor Intel i3 (minimum) Any modern one cpu 4 core (minimum)
Hard Disk Space 2 GB (for MedStar Client) The typical hard drive
requirement is of about 2gb on top of the Operating system and MsSql Server installation (100Gb)
Video Standard VGA,
we recommend a dual HD output
Standard VGA
Monitor We recommend a dual HD monitor system None required
Other Hardware Keyboard, Scrolling Mouse,
Network Interface Card
Basic Server setup, Network card is the only mandatory.
Operating System Windows 7 (minimum) Windows server 2008 (minimum)
Other Software Optional: Microsoft Excel
(Required to export data )
Microsoft SQL 2008 R2 (minimum).
Optionally Office for RDP if Data export is to be done in Server
Additional: We recommend that at least the server has a UPS system and a good daily external backup process.
Printer: Most modern laser printers work fine, there are so many in the market that is impossible to compile a list.
              We do tend do to favor Brother printers and Ricoh Copiers.